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The Mikea


*Displayed in First World Exhibition*

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"I, Tsitandru, the healer, ask Zanar the all powerful, to help me heal the ill and all those who consult me, I ask for the rain so that the hedgehogs may have many offspring in the forest, because we need them to feed ourselves. I pray also to find honey."

The stone is his altar, bees wax his incense, honey his offering to Zanar.

The Mikea, a small tribe in southern Madagascar, move with stunning ease across the blazing hot sand, indifferent to scorpions, snakes and thorns. They are solitary and free-spirited people who travel where they want whenever they please. When they get tired, they go to sleep wherever they happen to be, for as long as they like. The next day, the cycle begins again, time marked only by aging and welcoming newborns. Women give birth alone in the forest over a hole dug in the sand. To outsiders, it may seem that there is little or nothing to eat where they live, but the Mikea know all the secrets to survive in this inhospitable environment.

The Mikea follow the stars and track wild boars. One day Fianutsu approached the edge of the forest, "the light was too strong, I was dizzy and had a headache, I thought to myself that I had no good reason to leave my forest."

Alas, at the time of writing, the Mikea's forest is being destroyed at an alarming rate ...

Mikea Spear

Mikea Spear